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Hats off to Phil (Jory’s co-worker) who suggested getting our kids a play-doh set for the girls birthday. Yesterday the girls played with it for over an hour, and Alex for 2 ½ hours. (which would have been longer if I hadn’t made him clean up for dinner). Alex kept rolling the doh flat and then the mean alligator would came along and mess it all up. It was a vicious cycle I’m telling you.
Anyway, I have a couple of normal, everyday kidisms to share:
The girls current favorite saying: “No, No, No, STOP!” gee, wonder where they learned that one.
Lately Alex is in to building houses out of my kitchen chairs and blankets. Construction starts first thing in the morning, and I’m not allowed to tear it down until it’s time to eat. But if he throws a fit when it’s time to take it apart, he looses the right to build one the next day. Major bummer to an architecturally minded three year old.
The girls now can manipulate door handles. The can both turn the knob, and twist the lock button into place. So you can imagine how much fun I’m having springing the girls from their self imposed prisons. So far they’ve only locked me in the garage twice. Think they’re trying to tell me something??


Susan said...

Locked in the garage while the kids rule the roost, eh, Elissa? Not good! LOL! Man, I wish Connor would get into Playdoh like that. It's just another item on the long list of things that he thinks he can't do by himself. Urrgh.

Dad said...

Time to introduce the refrigerator box, isn't it!?


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