Birthday weekend

We did the birthday thing all weekend long. Friday we had our family party, with just the five of us. We had lasagna (a favorite in this house) and birthday cupcakes for dinner, and opened presents after dinner. The girls got a huge collection of play doh toys – they were a big hit.
On Saturday morning we took the kids on an outing. (which is a rare occasion in this house – too much of a hassle). We went to the library, and then to Meijers so that the girls could ride in a shopping cart. (which they love, and ask to do on a regular basis). Sadly Annie fell asleep before we got to the store, so she didn’t get to ride in the buggy. You better believe we heard about it when she woke up. “Buggy please???? Me buggy?” Poor thing.
We had our big family get together with my parents, my grandmother, and our friend Cathy. We had dinner at Bob Evans, and cake and ice cream for desert. The girls got some more fun toys… I think their favorite so far is the baby bed that (I think) my dad made, when we were little.

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