Random kid quirks

Alex and Louisa are suddenly pals. Alex is the bossy one (ahhhh those first born tendencies…) Louisa is the laid back one. They get along great. Annie is usually by herself, which suits her just fine. She’d rather hang out with Mom anyway.
Annie loves to sing lately. She’s always humming one little ditty or another. She loves when I sing “if your happy and you know it…”
Have I mentioned that the girls have learned the art of asking questions? Who’s that, what’s that, and a new one this morning, “are you ok?”
Oh and here’s a pic I took last week of Alex with his sunglasses, it made me laugh

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Dad said...

A budding SuperHero! Let's see - Hollywoodman - no - SuperShades! Now for a cape....


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