Compromise? Maybe

We think we’ve reached a compromise on the vacation issue. Completely separate vacations. Jory goes off and does his 9 days on the motorcycle thing and I get four 3 day weekends off. As in I’m leaving the house. I don’t care where I go, but I’m leaving and I’m not taking any of the kids. So have I started planning my time off? You bet your buttons. At least one trip out to my parents lake house with shopping in Angola, a trip to Columbus (hopefully I can con my mother into going with me on this one) for more shopping. Haven’t decided where else yet, depends on who I can get to go with me. (Anyone up for a road trip?)
On to my other weekend news. On Saturday, Alex and I ran errands while Jory stayed home with the girls. We met my mom for lunch then he went to play at her house while I spent too much time at the scrapbook store. He and I took a quick stop at the library on the way home, nothing terribly exciting.
Sunday morning we went to church. I had a whopping 16 kids in my Sunday school class. (I’ve never had over 12 before). I was a little frantic, but things worked out fine. We had a nice lunch at Applebee’s before brought home my three whiney crabby kids who all refused to nap. I spent most of the afternoon working on a scrapbook layout and some birthday invitations for my girls birthday here in a few weeks.


joy madison said...

I think that's a compromise I could live with!

Heather Melzer said...

That sounds like a great plan, Elissa! 4 separate vacations - you go girl!

Anonymous said...

hey sis... if you do decide on goin to columbus you should come see me (its just a little more than an hour further) theres all kinda neat arty stores round my neighborhood (plus i havnt gotten to hangout with ya -sans rugrats- in a while)

"uncle" drew

Dad said...

I think you won that round. While he's cruising, you and Mom take your own vacation, maybe recruit your sibs for additional b'sitters. (I still have a big tent. You could go CAMPING!) Plus you still have your 3-day weekends!


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