Negotiations round two

So after being called Gorbechev, my darling husband was more willing to discuss reasonable vacation plans last night. The idea of driving 2 vehicles across the country isn’t likely. If we can get Jake to haul one of the vehicles, there’s a chance we might do it, but we’re not relying on other people for our vacation. So here’s the current vacation plan: take a train somewhere, anywhere with scenery. We started looking at destinations last night. We are considering Glacier Nat’l Park in Montana (near where Jason and Vangie are currently living) or Provo Utah. I could be convinced to go to San Antonio, but that’s in distant 3rd right now. Anyone have any feedback? I imagine we’ll have another round of discussions here shortly.
I just have to say it… THE SUN IS SHINING! Seriously it’s been overcast here everyday for weeks, since Christmas at least. What a relief to look out the window and see blue skies again.
So the other day I talked a little about resolutions, as I look at what I wrote I think I gave a cop-out answer. It’s true that my life is busy, but there are always ways to improve life. So (in the words of the Christian band, The Supertones) TODAY I make my resolution. I thought of two last night.
1. Beef up on my knowledge of world history. I never took a world history course in school and I feel like I’m missing out. I don’t need to be an expert, I just want to know the difference between the Balts, the Normans, the Celts and all those other groups that I’m rather clueless about.
2. Be more disciplined. I can’t say which areas of my life need more discipline, they all need to be beefed up. Everything I do can be done better. For one thing I can drag myself out of bed before 9:00 am. I can exercise, I can learn to cook new things and still have time for my kids, scrapbooking and everything else that’s important to me.
So now that they’re in writing I’ll be more likely to do them right? That’s the theory anyway.

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Anonymous said...

Are you taking your children on this trip? Just wondered because if not, you're relying on other people for your vacation...


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