Vacation negotiation and other news

Last night Jory and I sat down to discuss our vacation plans for the year. We have completely incompatible ideas on how we should spend our time off. Here’s Jory’s vacation agenda: take off in April on the motorcycle, drive down to see his brother in Missouri, then on to visit his parents in New Mexico, toodle around the state on his bike, come back through Texas and Kentucky – about 5 days on a motorcycle. Which leaves me at home alone on baby duty for 5 days strait while he plays. I don’t think so. So in order to be included on this little vacation, I can either learn to like motorcycles or drive separately in the van – neither of which sound like fun to me.
My vacation agenda: get rid of the kids for more than an hour or two (she says as she sits with two wiggly toddlers fighting in her lap while she tries to type) and spend some time WITH Jory, maybe do a little sight seeing. I don’t care where we go (except Boston!) and I don’t really care how long we’re gone.
So we’re in the middle of trying to find a compromise that may or may not include the motorcycle and me not being by myself for the entire vacation. There are still a lot of variables – such as weather, where we’re going, who’ll watch the kids, Jory’s work schedule and a few other unpredictable factors. We’re scheduled to have another round of talks this evening. Hopefully Gorbechev will bring a more acceptable package to the table…
Now on to the slightly more mundane news…
The other day we let Annie sit at the computer and push the buttons. She was being so good about being gentle and not pounding away, so we let her play. Well now she thinks she owns the thing. Every time I sit down here to type, she’s begging to get up and type some more. Ever try to type with a toddler helping? It’s not that much fun. Really, it’s not.
The girls vocabulary has just exploded lately. This morning I heard Louisa call from her bed “Mommy! Get up please!” That’s the longest sentence I think I’ve heard out of either of them yet. Communication is a good thing.

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