A new year always comes with resolutions, right? So I’ve been trying to think of some good resolutions. Do this better, be a better that sorta stuff… My problem is that my life is so cram-packed full that when I say “I’m going to make more time for (resolution a)” that means that I have to take time away from another interest in my life. If I say I want a cleaner house that means that I have to take time away from my children, scrapbooking, social responsibilities and so forth to clean. I’m pretty careful about how I spend my time, and I don’t waste much, so maybe I’ll just say prioritizing my time better.
Last spring I made myself a long term to do list of things I want to accomplish over the next 10 years, and I’m happy to say that 4 of my things for this year were accomplished last year. Conversely, I have 3 things on my list from last year that never got finished, so I guess they’re moving to this years list. They’re mostly home related projects… (all of which include spending money - yuck!)

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joy madison said...

I made a pretty long list this year of different things I want to do, "goal" I called them....I'll post them soon, so I get them out into the ether! congrats on getting some of your things done from last year!


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