A general update

Life has been good in the Peterson household for the last few weeks. Gramma and Papa Peterson were here all week. They arrived Christmas night and left this morning around 4:00 am. The kiddos all loved having some extra people to play with, and it’s always a good thing around here when the adults outnumber the children.
Christmas was great. I think Alex’s favorite part was the Christmas dinner. I think he’s prepared us a Christmas dinner (in his kitchen) every day this week. Cherry soup – mmmmmm. The girls love the dolls that my mom got them, and the puppets that we gave them (yes, we managed to find some that didn’t make their own noises). Jory’s favorite gift was his rain suit (for riding in the rain on his motorcycle), and I think my favorite gift was the tripod my parents gave me.

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joy madison said...

yay for grandparents!!!! Yay for quiet puppets.


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