She’s an html monster.

Feeling quite proud of myself this morning. I figured out how to mix up some of the stuff in my sidebar. We’ve got some new pics of the munchkins, and some new content titles, (just for fun) and Jory taught me how to move my title down a little. Feeling pretty proud of myself for figuring everything out… How does it look? Next time I decide to transfer blog templates remind me to copy out all my customizing ok?? Also feeling pretty proud of myself because I can do something my dad can’t! ha!
Yes I realize I spend way too much time on this danged thing. But I think I’m done tweaking it for a while. (Only because I can’t figure out how to do the other customizing that I want!)
So I’ll babble about life for a little while just to make this post worth the read…
Kid’s are good. Louisa got her bangs trimmed yesterday. Other than that, it’s a typical morning in my house - they’re in the process of destroying everything in sight. Right now there’s a pile of little girl clothes about 2 ft high next to where I’m sitting. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t here when I sat down.
Alex keeps begging to play with the play doh. I won’t let him because I’m afraid he’ll get burnt out on it and there goes my ace in the hole.
Jory’s co-worker Phil was thrilled that he made a mention in our blog, so here’s another shout out to him, just to make his day – everyone say “hey Phil!”
Enough babbling, time to go be responsible.


joy madison said...

responsible? what's that?

I LOVE the new look, you are an HTML star!!!!!

Dad said...

Um - if you trimmed Louisa's bangs, how am I supposed to tell them apart now?


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