A few random kid observations incase you cared.

I think my children have watched the veggie tale “Lord of the Beans” a few too many times. Alex runs around yelling “it’s bacon!” (which incidentally is quite humorous) and the girls are now fluent in the language of the elders in the raspberry forest. – If you’re not familiar with the movie, the elders blow raspberries at each other. Yes, the girls run around blowing raspberries at each other, and at us when they don’t like our parenting. I should be irritated by their lack of parental respect, but frankly it’s too danged funny.
Louisa has been all about the pigtails this week. It’s one of those hairstyles I just shouldn’t do, cause my kid is more adorable than normal, and she totally knows it.
Sadly I have no proof, because every time the camera pops out she has a mad dash for the door. Soon my friend, I will capture her new ‘do, for all the world to see.
Annie. My dramatic one. I am trying really hard not to label her a drama queen, but golly she’s dramatic. Her new thing is screaming bloody murder for no reason at all. I admit it worked a few times, worried Mom rushed to her side to find out the cause of her woe, only to find out that Mickey Mouse was stuck. But alas, I’ve learned. No more dropping everything to rescue Mickey for me.

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Lora said...

OH!! I NEED that veggie tales movie... I have most of them... but not that I don't think... too funny!!


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