First trip to the park.

The weather yesterday was in the 60’s range, so of course we had to make our first trip to the park for the season. Last year the girls loved the swings and the slide, so I thought this year would be no different. Silly me.
When we arrived at the park, the girls headed right for the swings. They both had the same first reaction. “Annie no like it”. No? All right, lets try out the slide. They wouldn’t even let me set them on it. They both went up, touched the bottom of the slide with their hands and walked away. From there, we were off to the sandbox. I should have known better. The both wandered over, took one look at it and were off again. Louisa managed to get a little sand on one of her hands, and she came to me in complete disgust, insisting that I clean it off. When did she turn into such a girl?
Just when I thought the park was a complete flop, the girls found some sticks and went around banging all the metal posts and sticking them up through holes in the platforms of the play station (climby-thing). Then they went back to the swings. Not to ride on them, but to push them. So the park wasn’t a complete loss. I managed to snap off a few pics, oddly, all the good ones are of Annie. I wasn’t playing favorites, I swear! You can go check them out at our flickr page. (There’s a link in the side bar)

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