Just a few casual observations to share with you today.
Louisa: She thinks her name is Annie. I kid you not, she calls herself Annie on a regular basis. She doesn’t answer to it though. Weirdo.
Alex has had terrible headaches for about 3 days now. I think he’s inherited my headaches, which are no fun at all. His might be worse than mine because when they hit he completely breaks down. Either that, or he has no pain tolerance at all. Personally I think he’s just being a wimp, but I give him the benefit of the doubt.
The girls found a zip-lock bag the other day and have been carrying it around like it’s the greatest thing ever created. They put all their little toys in it, and ask me to close it. Too funny. I got a whole bunch of baskets from the dollar store for them to carry their collections around in. But no, they prefer the zip-lock bag.
(Warning: mom brag coming on) My son was totally adding and subtracting yesterday at lunch. Alex: there are 4 people at our house, if Grandma comes, we’ll have 5! And if Grammie comes, there will be 6! He went through all sorts of scenarios about people coming and going, and how many people would be at his house. Of course when I asked him to do it in front of his dad, he suddenly had no clue. It figures.

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Meg said...

You might ask the doctor about his headaches... migranes run in the family. And if that's anything close to what he's feeling, then POOR BABY!!!!


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