A standoff over a sandwich and other news.

It all started over two pieces of bread, a little peanut butter and jelly, a stubborn toddler, and two determined parents. The stubborn toddler, lets call her “Annie” requested one of her favorites for dinner, and then once it was prepared, decided she was just too good for such an ordinary meal. Well the determined parents, lets call them “elissa” aka “mom” and “Jory” aka “dad” had had just about enough of “Annie’s” antics and decided it was time for a little tough love. The punishment for her crime? Banishment to the isle of crib-dom. (Noooooooooooooo, anything but that!) Oh yes, (insert evil laugh) that… After a 20 year, I mean 20 minute banishment, she was permitted back to the table to feast on her meal of preference (as long as she preferred a peanut butter sandwich) - which, no she didn’t. So after another standoff, she went back into solitary confinement for another 20 minutes. (have I mentioned she’s stubborn?) When she returned from her second round of confinement she was so starved for nourishment that she had no choice but to accept her crust of moldy bread and luke-warm water. Actually, I think it was Louisa who convinced her sister to eat the sandwich, “sister, EAT IT!” Ahhh peer pressure.
In other news……
We took the kids to a nature preserve over the weekend. We went to a visitor’s center that had live fish and turtles, and a large collection of stuffed critters from the area; you know the girls were all over it. We then went down to the beach at lake Erie (which was freezing) but Alex had a ball playing in the sand and finding treasures. Including a fish head. MMMMMMMMM… there are a few new pics over in my flickr account from our outing (but not of the fish head).

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Teresa said...

Funny! Tell Annie not to feel too bad, her cousin Abigail has felt the heavy hand of mom and dad lately herself (in the form of confinement to the booster seat in front of the microwave). Evil doesn't come much worse :) THAT girl can be stubborn too!


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