And so it goes….

Last night Jory and I went out on a mini date. We went to a local Mexican restaurant, and to the library. Jory and I rarely go out during the week, but there was a pretty good reason this time. You see, way back around the time of his birthday, Jory received a coupon to this particular restaurant. Well the coupon was about to expire, so even though neither of us were particularly crazy about the food at this particular place, I had to drop everything to use this coupon (I was thrilled at the prospect, can’t you tell). You know what? The food was better than I expected, and the added trip to the library was a bonus. It’s been a very long time since I’ve had time to go peruse the library. It was a good night.
There’s an amusing part of this story: Jory has another coupon that expires tonight, which he really wants to use (despite my protest). So he thinks he’s taking the kids without me. Jory, alone with 3 kids, in a restaurant that the kids probably won’t like. I wouldn’t take my 3 kids to a restaurant they won’t like unless I had at least 3 adults, but whatever. If I get the night off, I’ll agree to just about anything.
I was reading an article last night in a scrapbooking magazine about preserving a snapshot of life at this very instant, which I thought was a really cool idea. Scrapping this very minute in time isn’t exactly an option for me, since I’m about 8 months behind, but I can do the journaling now and catch up fill in pics later right? Yeah, this is me recording a moment of my life “right now” except that this particular moment was 8 months ago - she says with a chuckle.
Anyway. Here’s a snapshot into ordinary life in the Peterson household at 9:38 am’. I’m sitting here typing away as I wait for a web age to load (gotta love dial-up). I’m listening to Madonna on my mp3 player. The kids are all playing happily in Alex’s room, which makes me a little suspicious. I really should be folding laundry, or giving the kids a bath.

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