What’s that sound?

Hear that ladies and gentlemen? That is the sound of a fully functional telephone line. I have not heard that sound in oh……. Maybe 6 weeks. Whenever we talk on the telephone, we’ve had this horrible buzzing noise that makes it really hard for both parties to hear the conversation. Way fun. Additionally, our internet connection has been on the fritz. For weeks it would connect at really really slow speeds, but then on Thursday of last week it decided to stop connecting all together. But yesterday Mr. Sprint repairman fixed my phone for FREE (we were expecting to have to pay A LOT) and I feel like a million bucks. It’s taking forever to catch up on all the web pages / blogs that I haven’t been able to check for days.
Oh, and I received an interesting tid-bit of information recently. There is apparently a rock star in Lebanon named Elissa. How do I know? She (or someone else named Elissa) commented on my blog. Interesting. Weird.

1 comment:

joy madison said...

YAY!!!! I love it when my telephone works!!! We were having issues with ours a few months ago!


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