This last week has been so insane it’s not funny. The I-don’t-even-care-if-my-kids-are-dirty-insane. Yes, it was that bad. It’s funny how my one little thing totally throws my whole routine out of wack. Since it was Cathy’s last week in Toledo, we spent a lot of time with her and her parents, helping her get ready to go and that sorta thing. Yesterday was somewhat normal though *deep sigh* I spent a good 2+ hours cleaning last night and now most of the toys are picked up and back in their homes. But there’s still laundry, hair cuts for the girls, school for Alex, and spring pictures to take… have I mentioned my mother in law will be here this weekend and I have a project for the store due on Monday. (Which is almost done, and pretty stinkin cute if I do say so myself)
So life is getting back to normal I guess. At least my house is clean. (for now anyway)
Did anyone watch Texas Ranch House last night? It’s one of those history reality shows on PBS. The only thing it was missing was John Wayne, and it would have been perfect. I’m tempted to gush about how great it was, but I think if I do, my father-in-law will put me to work on their ranch. No thanks. So I’ll just say WATCH IT!

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