I’ve come to realize over the last few things about my kids. So here are my observations for what they’re worth.
Annie has been such a Daddy’s girl lately. I’d be a little jealous, but Louisa has been a total Mama’s girl the last few weeks, so I suppose it all evens out. But it’s hard not to play favorites.
My Annie is stubborn. As in - I’m not going to and you can’t make me – stubborn. Lovely. So here are some of the oh-so-fun stubborn quips from life with Annie.
1. You can put it in my mouth but you can’t make me swallow it. Seriously for like 10 minutes this kid will keep the same bite of food in her mouth. Yes, I tried giving her drinks, but she can swallow milk and keep the food from going down. Now that’s talent.
2. I don’t care if I am exhausted, you can’t make me sleep. Go ahead Ma, hold my eyes closed. See if I care. Ugh.
The best way to handle her is give her a direction, let her know what the reward will be, then ignore her until she does what I ask. I’m not about to be stuck in a power struggle with a two year old. Mommy don’t play that game.

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