Grandma visits

We enjoyed our weekend visit with Grandma Peterson. We had lots of fun bopping balloons around, playing tickles, and reading stories.
Noteworthy moments from her trip:
In the girls’ room, there is a small bookcase between their beds. I put it there knowing that they’d eventually use it to climb out of bed (which they are capable of, but never do for some reason). I never expected them to use it to climb into each other’s beds. Friday night I put them to bed, and an hour later they were still talking and giggling. So I finally go in to check on them. Annie had climbed into Louisa’s bed. After a hearty chuckle, I put her back in her bed thinking she’d go right off to sleep. Wrong. 20 minutes later, she’s back in Louisa’s bed, this time completely naked. Lovely. I do my best do give her a stern lecture, and throw her back in bed. But the fun doesn’t end. 20 minutes later, Louisa is in Annie’s bed, crying because she’s exhausted and Annie’s bugging her. (Oh the irony). So being the smart mother that I am, I moved the bookcase. No more crib hopping in my house.
Here are some photos from our visit, these were taken on the playground at Maplewood elementary.


joy madison said...

journey's crib is butted up next to jaylie's bed. She will stand up on the end of the crib and make a "come get me" gesture. I almost NEVER get her out of her bed in the morning anymore, b/c jaylie already gets her out.

Lora said...

WOW!! LOVE the photos! GREAT job girlie!

Teresa said...

That is really cute! I'll bet those girls get a lot of chuckles--at the expense of their mommy :) Never a dull moment, but keeps life interesting, huh?


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