Terrible two’s x 2

Sucks. Seriously. On Monday morning when I went to get the girls out of bed they had both stripped completely nude at some point in the night. Louisa pooped before she took off her diaper, Annie waited until the diaper was on the floor to poop. Thanks.
The girls have decided that they are anti-napping. Well, almost. They took naps yesterday and it only took them 1 hour to fall asleep. (only) I have tried everything! Running them ragged about 30 min before naptime, then turning on quiet music, rocking the whole 9 yards. You name it, I’ve done it. No naps. Which means they’re tired and cranky from about 3:30 – 7pm when I get sick of it and put them to bed. Can I trade these two in on a newer model? 2 for 1 discount? Please?
Have I mentioned Annie’s stubborn streak? How about the defiance running rampant? I’m ready to hand them over to James Dobson and say “you know so much about parenting – you fix them” because I’ve tried everything. EVERYTHING.
Eh, at least it makes good blog material.
Hope your children are behaving better than mine.
Here’s a dandelion for ya. Well part of one anyway. I lost all the detail when I made it small enough to fit here, so I did a little creative cropping. You get the idea.


Lora said...

LOL!! Deep breath, Mom. You are doing wonderfully. Great dandelion!!

Teresa said...

Go outside, find those dandelions (without kids or camera for an instant) blow all those things to the wind and make as many "wishes" on them as you can. Let me know if that works on the 2's shenanigans and I'll head right out the door to do so myself! :)


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