So yesterday wasn’t exactly the highlight of my mothering career. Does it show? Jory took mercy on me when he came home and whisked the kids outside so I could regain my sanity. Sadly, a major rain storm hit shortly after they went out, so everyone was confined to the front porch. But that is not my problem. Incase you were wondering - yes, they drove Jory crazy too.
I woke up super early this morning (before 6:00) and couldn’t go back to sleep. So I did what I’ve always daydreamed of doing – I played with my scrapbook stuff in complete silence while the kids slept. Oh it was wonderful. I made some cards for the lady who owns my store. I sliced my thumb open with my paper cutter and accidentally bled all over one of the cards. Oh well, cover it with a little ink and no one will notice right? Other than that, it was complete bliss.
Maybe today will be better.

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Lora said...

Glad you got some quiet 'me' time this morning!! You deserve it! (and yeah.. ink covers EVERYTHING! HA!)


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