3: beds that the girls stripped yesterday
8: items pilfered from the fridge without permission (fruit: 3, yogurt: 5)
35 minutes: the length of time I attempted to enforce naptime. (down from 1 ½ hours yesterday)
52: times I had to tell Annie to put her head down during “nap time”
4: times I had to chase the girls away from the television.
10: whining, crying, screaming fits over nothing (Annie)

This is what a relatively good day looks like in my house.

I gotta say, all this terrible two-ness that the girls are doling out this week has made Alex look pretty good. He never really went through that phase (or maybe he just got away with more because I was a sleep deprived mother of twins). He’s always been pretty trustworthy. Thank God for reliable first borns who know when to tell mom what the others are getting into.

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Lora said...

HA!! Love the new pics of the kids!


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