I’m going to the beach

In one week we’ll be at the beach!! Have I started packing yet? Making lists? Charging camera batteries? Nope. Why not? Let me count the ways…
MP3 player
Re-organizing pre-k curriculum
Mama… kiss? (how can you say no to that?)
Calling the doctors office
Must bake cake (heaven knows we can’t go 24 hours without baked goods in this house – my family has it rough I’m telling you)
3 kids
must make cards for Kate
Cold beer and crocodiles (the book I’m reading)
American Idol – I should boycott since my favorite is gone
A reading list 3 pages long (no, I’m not exaggerating)
Laundry – she says as she sits barefooted next to the computer because she has NO clean socks.
You know my house looks like a bomb went off.
Maybe tomorrow…

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