More Kiddisms

A few recent kiddisms that made me chuckle.
The other day, when I was putting the girls down for a nap (a 2 hr one!) Louisa was playing around in her bed, which was apparently bugging Annie, because Annie leans over and whispers: Louisa, STOP IT!
At lunch yesterday, Louisa starts singing “the itsy bitsy spider” which frankly was the cutest thing I’ve ever heard. As soon as I join in she stops. “no mom, Louisa sing it”
Just now: we had a little gangsta rap goin on the mp3 player (cause I’m so funky – pfth) and both girls came up to me and said “I like this song!” and started bopping away. Maybe I should lay off the Coolio.
Who knows what will they say next…
No, I haven’t started getting ready to go to the beach yet.

1 comment:

joy madison said...

so cute!!! get ready for the beach girl!


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