So you remember how I said my mom had a freeking ton of cherries on her cherry tree? (or did I? I can never remember) Anyway, the other day she and I picked a ton (approx 2 gallons), we could have easily picked two more, but then we’d have to pit them, and frankly… I just didn’t want to. Pitting 2 gallons of cherries takes a really long time. Besides, I have enough cherries in my freezer to make 7 pies, and I have to leave room for the raspberries, which I’m going to start harvesting here in a bit. Sorry kids, we don’t have room for ice cream, your mom has to hoard berries.

(side note: I can’t decide whether collecting all this fruit makes me feel like Martha Stewart or Freddie the farm hand *pfth*)

We just got back from another adventure out to the lake. This time my friend Sharon and her son Jacob, my brother Drew and his friend Billy came out too. Our trip was rather enjoyable, despite the fact that we couldn’t get the boat to work… so we just sat on it and pretended we were going for a ride. Billy and Drew had an encounter with the lake monster. Sharon and I took the girls shopping this morning while the boys played at the house. I scored some $5 polo shirts for the girls at the Carter’s outlet, and some new scrapbook supplies (yummmm)
But now I just have 3 whiney kids, no idea what to do for supper and 20 minutes until Jory comes home. Yahoo.

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Teresa said...

Yeah! Sounds like fun! Send some of those yummy cherries down this way, will 'ya? At $7.99/lb, I'd go broke but I sure have been eyeing them at the store...


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