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I’m not feeling very interesting today, so bear with me if you will…
Question of the day from Alex: Why are your toenails on your toes? Good question kid. I’ll add it to my list of questions to ask God when I meet Him. Anyone else ever stop to question the logic behind the toenail?
I just got 100 pics developed the other day. Add that to the 100 + photos I already have in my “to scrap” pile. Ugh. Please step away from the camera. Seriously. Nobody’s allowed to do anything cute or remotely fun for the next six months. Just sit there like lumps so I’m not tempted to take pics. Think it’ll work? Nah.
What else. Ah yes. Yesterday a pack of wild dogs (they were actually just strays, but wild dogs sounds so much cooler) caught and killed some kind of ground hog/raccoon/unidentifiable critter in my yard. Some kid from the neighborhood saw the attack and came up to make sure that it wasn’t our pet they were tearing up. Nice kid. Alex and I went out to check it out (from a VERY safe distance). Now there’s a science lesson for ya. Yuck. I won’t even tell you that after the attack was over I went over to check out my lily patch near the attack spot, and there was fur everywhere. Gross.

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Teresa said...

Kids questions are just the best! :)


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