Storm of the decade and cherries

Well it wasn’t Katrina, but it was pretty bad for a thunderstorm. Rainfall accumulation was around 4-5 inches over a 4 hour span. No major tornadoes or hail that I know of, just lots and lots of rain. Our house is fine, our property is probably 25% underwater – most of it is from the ditch overflow. I’d show you the pics, but my editing software is giving me a head ache – you’ll just have to wait until jory can fix it. I went out for a tour earlier just to see where the floods were, the roads in my immediate area were fine, but they were pretty bad to our north and to our west, I had to turn around twice.
In other news, Annie and I spent our morning picking cherries from Grandma’s cherry tree. Then the kids helped me pit the cherries (read that - they munched on the cherries that had been pitted while I pitted the rest). So we’ll be having cherry cobbler, cherry dumplings, cherry pie, and whatever else I can come up with while I wait for my raspberries to ripen up.
PS. It’s raining again.

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