Midweek adventure

On Monday afternoon my mom and I took the kids out to the lake. After our adventures in the ocean I was just hoping that my kids would actually get into the water this time around. It didn’t take them very long to warm up to the water. All three of them ran in and out of the water as if they’d been doing it their entire lives. Until a boat came by and made waves, then they ran for cover. Fortunately there weren’t many boats out on Monday evening/Tuesday morning. Of course when you go to the lake house, you have to go to the Amish bakery for pie and peanut butter cookies. Mmmmmmmm.
The mosquitoes have been loving the girls this summer. It’s so weird. Alex and I hardly have any bites on us at all, while the girls have like 40 bites apiece. I kid you not, I took the girls out to look at the flowers growing in my yard, we were out for less than 10 minutes. I didn’t see one mosquito the entire time we were out. When we came in, Louisa probably had 10 bites on her arms. I’m not exaggerating. I keep thinking next time we walk out of the house going to coat them in bug spray so that I won’t be such a bad mommy, and every time I forget.

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Teresa said...

I don't have that problem much as those dang things seek me out! Don't have much care for Luke or Craig either! Poor girls :) We have a little friend who even got them on his eyelids!!


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