Birthday weekend

It was a crazy weekend around here. It kicked off on Friday afternoon when Jory, Alex Grandma and Papa Peterson took Alex to his first movie in a theatre. They went to see Cars, which everyone enjoyed. Saturday was a flurry of wrapping and unwrapping, dinner hosted by Bob Evans, an ice cream cake, and more presents.
Sunday my in-laws headed back to New Mexico. I spent most of my day attempting to maintain my perfectly clean house (which I failed miserably). I truly enjoyed having another me around to split the burden with. Between Ginger and I, we managed to keep the house clean, a pitcher of juice in the fridge, and the children tidy for an entire week. That’s definitely a record. I’ll miss having clean kids.
For Alex’s birthday my parents gave me a bug zapper (like the one featured in A Bug’s Life – “no! don’t go to the light!” “I can’t help it! It’s so beautiful…) I had mixed feelings about it, but when I went and looked at it the next morning, it had successfully murdered at least a thousand skeeters, ticks and other creepy crawlies. Yuck.
So after church yesterday I dragged out the baby pool, thinking (mistakenly) that my yard was skeeter free. I did notice there were fewer blood suckers buzzing around my ears, but when I brought the girls in, they each had at least half a dozen bites each. Lovely.


Teresa said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEX!!! Elissa: what great presents, a bug zapper and a clone of yourself!!! What could be better :)

Susan said...

Any chance you want to put in a purple martin house (or 2? Or 3?)? I hear they eat skeeters by the thousands.

Susan said...

hope you continue to murder bloodthirsty mongrels every night for a week.


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