Skeeter food.

So last summer was all about the raspberries. Raspberry pancakes, cakes, Popsicles, etc. etc. Seems like all my entries were about the raspberries. So this summer is all about the mosquitoes. One of the joys of living in a heavily wooded area. Don’t go outside without bug spray on. Better yet. Just stay inside. This is me, hiding from the mosquitoes. My dad sprayed, the city sprayed. My house is still surrounded by a cloud of them.
Let’s go to the park today. Fat chance
The zoo? I don’t think so.
Welcome to Ohio, Grandma and Papa – sorry we can’t go outside and enjoy the lovely day. I don’t feel like being skeeter food today.
We got a few more inches of rain yesterday. My yard is flooded again. (like ¼ an acre is completely submerged) I have no idea how many inches we’ve gotten this year, but my ditch hasn’t been dry since May.
Grandma P says lets go out and drive our trucks through the mud puddles. (more commonly known as New Mexico “lakes”) Nah.


Dad said...

Driving trucks through the mud is good. Driving trucks cross-country is better - more commonly known among rednecks as bush-bashing or hump-jumping. (I feel Southern West Virginia comng out...)
Smoking cigars is better than bug spray.
Have you sprayed the mosquitoes again? (That's more likely than giving Alex a cigar.) You need to do it often. Or just get lots of cigars.

Susan said...

Those skeeters are not going to win the summer.

Susan said...

I feel for ya on the mosquitoes, Elissa! Here's a thought since you know you have standing water ... there's a product I've heard of called mosquito dunks, I think - it's some kind of briquette that you toss into standing water that keeps the mosquitoes from breeding. Maybe between that and the spraying, it would make a difference. We were prisoners in our own home until we found a spray that works. It sucks!!

Meg said...

The Michigan Air Force has infiltrated the Toledo area....


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