Over the weekend we went out to the lake to visit with some of my aunts/uncles/cousins/grandmother who were up visiting for the weekend. 12 people crammed into the lake house. It rocked. We played in the water, cleaned out the Amish bakery, played cards, caught up on some reading, and just chilled. I gave the kids some swimming lessons in the lake. The girls had their shoulders in the water, which is huge since they wouldn’t go in past their ankles in NC.
But now we’re home and Jory’s parents are here. I’m getting way spoiled with all these other people around taking care of my kids, cooking and cleaning up after us. Reality is going to be harsh when they go.

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Anonymous said...

it was delightful fun. Uncle Jim has pictures that I downloaded to my computer of the beach party and of the girls on their napping cruise.


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