Catching up

Well, it was an interesting weekend in my house. On Friday I was trying to get the kids out the door when I hear thud, ouchie! Ouchie!! I ran into Alex’s room and saw his curtain cord swinging and a slash of rope burn across his neck. Lovely. Mother of the year. That’s me. That one was close. But he’s fine.
Friday evening I went with my mom and two of my uncles to a baseball game at Comerica park (in Detroit) to watch the Detroit Tigers play. Totally cool and out of the ordinary event for me. The best part: Jory stayed home with the kids – so I got the night off. Ahhhhhh
Fortunately for all of us, the rest of the weekend was relatively uneventful.
Which brings me up to this week – Vacation Bible School. Alex is in the Pre-k class I’m teaching Kindergarten. I should have learned my lesson last year when we had 25 kids, but no. This year started with 28 wiggly kiddos (our #’s will most likely increase before the week is over) fortunately we have a great leadership group for our class (2 adults, 4 teens), which takes some of the strain off. But that’s still a lot of kids who haven’t had much schooling, and are not all that familiar with a structured classroom environment. Can you say chaos?
I was so drained by the end of the day all I could think about was throwing my kids and bed and hitting the sack myself. Sadly none of my kids wanted to go along with my plan. I’m so glad I’m not a working mother, there’s no way I could do this every day.

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