Well, we survived. Bible school has ended, and we’re still alive. Just barely. The girls have been asleep by 7 pm the last few nights. Nice. Tonight we are going to the family night at the church - so the parents can meet the teachers, and see all the cool stuff the kids have done this week. I’ve skipped out the last few years, because I’m too lazy to pack it back into town, but Jory insists on going this year, so we’re going. Even though the kids will all be tired and cranky.
We had some more rain last night. I don’t know what the deal with the rain is this summer, but we’ve just gotten one torrential down poor after another. And you know what that means. More standing water. My ditch was only dry for about 12 hours (I’m not exaggerating) from the last down poor 2 weeks ago, when the new storm came through. Blech.
Ok, a few kid funnies that I’ve been meaning to write down:
Annie playing peekabo: “where’s me?”
Louisa playing chase: “here comes me!”
Alex telling Jory about Bibleschool: you give the operating (offering) to the lady so that Jesus can play with his mashed potatoes. (??)

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