Weekend highlights:

Shopping highlights: I found a pair of sneakers for alex at Target for $2.50. Sweet. Better yet: he can put them on without assistance. It doesn’t get much better than that… I also dropped in at Goodwill to see if they would take some donations (they weren’t) but I went inside to see what they had. I came out with an armload full of goodies for less than $5. Nice. I found a huge old wooden crate – the kind I’d probably pay at least $15 for at Hobby Lobby – for $2. Jory was impressed.
In other news, I got an email from one of the kids I babysat for in college who I haven’t heard from in about 4 years. Turns out she has a new baby brother (that makes 7 kids in her family now). Of course I had to write back and send her a link to our blog. So if you read this HI JORDYN!!!
Jory and I went and bought some stones for a landscaping project we’ve been meaning to do for about 2 years now. The only problem now is that we have to put them in. The past few days have been HOT and muggy, and the mosquitoes are out of control. If I get these stones in by September I’ll be happy.
In the words of a happy 4 year old: That’s all I had to tell ya, bye!

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