Family outing

Yesterday, after 3 days of being cooped up at home, Jory and I decided to take the kids on an outing. We took the kids out to the Marblehead Lighthouse on lake Eerie. We had great weather, and the kids had a ball scrambling around on the rocks. Sure, the place was packed because it was a holiday, but that didn’t stop us.

Other than that, our weekend wasn’t all that exciting. Jory discovered (through trial and error) how to make some terrific bread and I picked raspberries. The kids were cooped up inside because the mosquito population around here is out of control. (Did I mention that our community still has standing water from that flood 2 weeks ago? Lovely)

1 comment:

shelby said...

I wish we had a lighthouse nearby...such a cool picture! Cute picture of you guys on the rocks too, sounds like a fun day...ick on the mosquitos!


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