Sick day

I have a headache. I’ve come to realize they’re dehydration from drinking too much soda. (More than 1 can of soda in 24 hours is too much for my body apparently). It came on last night after I put the kids in bed. (as they normally do). 14 hours later, fortified with 2 extra strength aspirin, about 30 oz of water, and a fitful night of sleep I still feel like garbage. But now I get to feel like garbage with a wiggly toddler in my lap who won’t take no for an answer.
My loving husband opted to take part of the morning off so I could recover, it did help a little. But I think my agenda for today will include lying on the couch and doing as little as possible – sadly in this house, that’s more difficult than it sounds. Oh and think about NOT THROWING UP. Wish me luck.

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