Yesterday Miss Louisa decided she was potty trained. (Hallelujah!) She went on the potty 5-6 times (beating the old record by well… 5 or 6 times). Not one accident all day long. And right before I put her diaper on for bedtime she POOPED in the potty! I am so psyched for that little tater head. Now she can teach her sister and I’m off the hook. Heh. Now if I could get them to stop fighting over who gets to sit in my lap I’d be set.
I made the yummiest oatmeal raisin cookies yesterday. I’ve been trying to expand my dessert repertoire lately. Don’t get me wrong, all those cakes were yummy, I just feel like I should have a few good cookie recipes under my belt, oh and pies too, I still haven’t quite gotten the hang of making pie crust from scratch (Just buy it at the store like everyone else does, I know) But what fun would that be? Besides, that’s cheating, and we don’t cheat in this house. Not on deserts anyway.
What else… I’m so annoyed that The Office wasn’t on last night. I’m having withdrawal issues I knew I should have taped some of those episodes “just in case”. Sigh.

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Meg said...

Have mom show you how to make pie crust. It's basically butter-flavor crisco, flour and water, with a little salt.


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