Back from out west

Hi! Remember me? I’m the one who owns this blog. I’m such a slacker. Don’t remind me. The last 10 days have been insanity – I have the pictures to prove it.
So we’ve been out to New Mexico. We left here on Sunday after church and stopped in Joplin, Missouri to sleep at Uncle Jake’s house. Monday morning we left for another full day of driving and arrived in Albuquerque that night.
Tuesday-Wednesday we spent the day bumming around Albuquerque, seeing the hot air balloon fiesta, hiking in the mountains outside of town, and spending some good quality time with Jory’s grandmother. We also drove up to Santa Fe, but didn’t stop as the kids were napping.

Wednesday we drove down to the ranch to visit with Grandma and Papa. The kids had a ball playing with Papa’s toys in the barn and chasing kittens.
On Saturday we had the service for Jory’s aunt, and got to visit with some of his family who we haven’t seen in nearly two years.
Sunday we packed up to head home, after church, some authentic Mexican food (YUM) and a visit with our friends the Carpenters who live in Texas. We got to Jake’s at like 5:00 am, slept for a few hours and headed out for another full day of driving, arriving at our house around 2:30 am.
The good news is that my in-laws came home with us, so Ginger has taken over half of my responsibilities, which means I might actually be somewhat caught up on my cooking/cleaning/child care responsibilities by the time she leaves. Notice I said MIGHT. I haven’t really gone through my pics all that well, but here are a few for the visually inclined.

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Lori C said...

We had a wonderful time when you came for a visit!!! Thanks for stopping by!! Feel free to come anytime :)


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