Seeking normalcy

Well my in-laws headed back to Missouri and New Mexico this morning. So hopefully my life can steer itself back toward a state of normalcy. Ha.
I’ve been feeling rather congested lately. It’s the whole transition from New Mexico climate to local climate that really did a number on me. Considering it’s supposed to snow today. Blech.
I also have a class tonight. 8 people – which is a nice, normal sized class – not like my last one with 12. That one was a monster. You wouldn’t think 4 people would make that much of a difference. I’m pumped to go see some of the ladies again, and meet some new faces. Watch me get two last minute sign-ups.
I just glanced out the window and it’s snowing. Yuck.
I went to a scrapbook retreat over the weekend. My mom hosted a few of us out at the lake house. I got some work done on some upcoming projects, which I was really happy about. Plus I got to spend time with friends without my kids. How often does that happen? It was good, even though I was sick.


Teresa said...

Welcome Back! Sounds like a fun roadtrip, save for the initial reason...

Anonymous said...

what??? no comment about hanging out with your brother on this retreat too?


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