Nothing much at all.

Everything around here has settled down a bit. We’re getting used to being just the 5 of us again. Yesterday Alex says to me, “I like just being us”. Me too buddy. As much as I love the excitement of traveling and having my in-laws around, its nice to just be us. Doing things our way and getting back to normal.
So. News. I’m trying to think of some… Yesterday Miss Annie woke me up to tell me she needed to sit on the potty. This is the child who adamantly refuses to use the potty. She’s extremely stubborn, and has NO desire to be a big girl like her sister. She’s not tempted by the cute underwear her sister wears, nor by the promise of a big song and dance when she’s done. So for her to tell me it was time to sit on the potty is big news. I have no idea whether she went or not, but she says she did.
Alex learned a new trick this week. He can now count to 100 by 10’s. He’s still mildly confused by 10 and 20 but once he gets going, he’s good to go. Such a big boy.
Ok another Annie-ism and then I must go be responsible. She’s decided that the letter A is her letter, and points it out wherever she goes. So stinking cute.

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