the word that currently describes my general well being at the moment. More accurately it describes my general well being for the last oh… 4 days. I agreed to do a craft project for the women’s retreat at my church, kits for 30 cards – not that big of a deal. I can get that done by next Friday, no problem.
Enter Jory.
So do you remember my aunt that’s been on life support for like 6 weeks, well she’s finally passed away. Lets go to the funeral.
Me: Ok, no problem we’ve been expecting this, we’ll just make the arrangements and go. When do we need to leave by?
J: Tuesday.
Did I mention that Friday deadline? Did I mention I have a FULL class at the store tonight? How about my project that’s due on Saturday?
Watch me get food poisoning.

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Dad said...

This is where your VERY talented mother comes in. Use her. Don't let her snow you. Dump whatever you need on her, she can handle it. God will help. Trust me. No, Him.


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