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Remember that frantic girl who posted yesterday? Well she got lost on the way home from her class last night. When I got home last night Jory said that we didn’t need to drop everything and go right away. Something about the executer to the estate (or whatever he’s called) is stationed in Germany and it’ll take him 2 days to get here before they can start making arrangements. So we’re not leaving today at noon. The good news is I didn’t have anything critical packed, so I don’t have to unpack anything yet, just keep the kids away from the luggage.
A great big thanks to my mom who came over to play with my kids yesterday so I could maintain sanity, AND picked up some traveling snacks for us. Mom’s rock.
The card class went over well. We had 12 people, which overflowed my half of the class area, fortunately no one was using the other side of the classroom so I was free to use one of the other tables, which I affectionately nicknamed “the exile table”. 4 people from this class signed up for the next class, which is still 3 weeks away – and is starting to take the form of an oversized class.

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Teresa said...

So it all works out! Yea! And God Bless your mama :)


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