So this morning my daughters decided to make their own breakfast. For some reason they woke up way before me this morning and I told them to just go play (which is usually a bad idea but when I’m 90% asleep, I’d rather clean up the consequences than get up.) Anyway, they got themselves a box of cheerios and a container to eat their breakfast from (Annie had a bowl, Louisa’s was a cup). When I came into the kitchen they were quietly munching on their breakfasts just as happy as can be. They didn’t even make a big mess. I was so impressed. I can’t remember how old Alex was the first time he made his own breakfast, anyone else remember?
Speaking of Alex, he got in BIG trouble last night. That almost never happens. He’s such a responsible, respectful little guy. Normally a stern glance is enough to deter his misbehavior, but not last night! He refused to pick up his toys, so he got sent to bed early. Then he was yelling at me from his bed (because he was mad that Louisa got to watch his favorite movie and he wanted to come out to watch it) so I had to shut his door and lock it. Ohhhhhhhh he was mad. He read me the riot act this morning because I wouldn’t let him say “I’m sorry”. What am I gonna do with that kid.
What else. Ah yes. My cousin Teresa sent me this site: http://www.familywatchdog.us/ it’s a site where you can go and type in your address and it’ll show you a map of all the registered sex offenders in your area. Turns out there’s one between us and the park to our north. Lovely. I don’t know specifically which house it is, but I have a pretty good idea. I guess this means that my kids won’t be riding their bikes to the park by themselves any time soon.
Finally, potty training. It’s killing me. I’ve successfully trained two children, you’d think I’d have a pretty good idea what I’m doing by now. And then there was Annie. I don’t know what to do with that kid. I’ve tried all the obvious techniques and none of them are working. I’ve offered her every reward imaginable, she’s not tempted in the slightest. She throws a tantrum every time I try to just put her up there to see what happens. I’ve tried letting her wear messy diapers around for long periods of time. (Gross, I know – that’s the point). She can, and has successfully used the potty. She just doesn’t want to. I’m thinking about just taking the diapers out of the house. If there aren’t any she obviously won’t be wearing one. But then there’s the night time issue. Both girls would need a diaper at night. As soon as I got out the diapers for bed, my leverage would be gone. At this point I’m shooting for her to be trained by her 3rd bday in January. So anyone have some advice on less than obvious techniques to tempt my extremely stubborn child into using the potty?

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