A little blah

I’m feeling a little blah today. A little unproductive. Like “wouldn’t it be fun to sit on this computer and serf the ‘net all morning” blah. But I’m running out of things to look at. So maybe I’ll just ramble on my blog for a while. I’m tired of being productive. Tired of my children. Tired of cutting paper. Just one of those days. Even the stuff that I love sounds boring or dumb.
But I’m sure you don’t really care.
So I’ll share some blogworthy kiddisms: Alex was so funny last night. After I had put the kids to bed, I’d made myself a can of freezer biscuits for supper (very nutritious, I know). Well Alex totally busted me. He came out of his room and says “hey those look good!” So Jory starts to explain to him how when he’s big he can make himself yummy not very nutritious suppers. Alex says “ok I can’t wait until I’m big, I’ll make a whole thing of biscuits and apple butter for supper and not share it! Maybe when I’m six!” Too funny. Of course I had to share a bite with him.
Louisa on the way home from church: She’s copying me! I thought I had a few more years before I was going to hear that one.
In other news, Jory is commuting to Detroit all this week for training on some new software. Yippee. The company offered to let him stay up there, but the very wise Jory decided to commute. There’s no way I could be on kid duty for an entire week strait. Love ya babe! Thanks for driving all the way back so I could maintain my sanity!
Ok, I guess I have to go get stuff done now…

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joy madison said...

my son told me this week that he was never going to grow up past 7. Nice!


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