Adopted (again)

What is it with us and stray critters this year? I told you all about Rover Joe back in May, I’m not sure I told you about Gimpy, he was around the time we left for NM, and wasn’t around when we got back. Well now we have Renn and Stimpy. They’re the cutest pair of kittens I think I’ve ever seen. They showed up on Wednesday night, and have been crying to be let in ever since. They’re very sweet; both have allowed me to pick them up. So they might be staying. Not in the house mind you. But I might let them hang out, and keep the mouse population down. I haven’t fed them yet, but I’m about to break down and give them something this morning. We’ll see. If they stay I’m going to have to give them better names. I have no idea what their genders are, but I’m thinking about Luke and Leia. Any suggestions?
So we have all the Christmas decorations up finally. Jory put our lights on the mantle last night. No tree yet. We probably won’t get one – Our living room just isn’t big enough to handle one more large object. If I can find a 2 foot one to keep next to the fireplace I might consider it – but that’s about all I can handle at this stage.
Did I tell you Annie has finally started going on the potty this week? She’s better at holding it than Louisa is – which I find slightly humorous. I was trying to avoid forcing the matter because I was afraid it would back fire. But she’s doing pretty well. I made a rule that diapers were only for sleeping, and if she really needed to have one, then she has to stay in her bed. This way she can have one if she really wants, but it’s not a pleasant experience. Seems to work, she hasn’t asked for a diaper all week.

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Dad said...

Kittens, huh? Do you remember why there came to be cats at our house? Some small person of the female persuasion really wanted a pet and asked her dad to paint eyes on this rock so she could have one. This is payback. Do you really plan on leaving them outside through an Ohio winter? I can put a cat door in the garage so they can go in and out at will (of the garage, that is). Keep 'em. Even if they aren't the same sex. No, ESPECIALLY if they aren't the same sex. Remember what a learning experience Tiger's kittens were. Names: Cheech and Chong. Laurel and Hardy. Bob and Larry.
Next: the tree. We want to go to the tree farm Sunday. Go with us, get a 2' live tree, plant it in the yard afterward. Another learning experience.


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