Productive weekend

We had a very productive weekend in the Peterson house. Friday night was a free babysitting event at the church, so we dropped the kids off, had dinner and did some Christmas shopping. The kids are now all set as far as gifts go. It feels good to cross that one off my list. Saturday Louisa and I ran some errands. We picked up some various Christmas related items.
Sunday after church we went to a Christmas tree farm to help my parents cut down a Christmas tree. It was really cold, but we had fun anyway.
Oh yes, and we (that is, I) picked kitten names – Thunder and Lightning. We just can’t agree on which is which – ha. But I picked those because they were gender neutral (Until they start having kittens I don’t care what gender they are). But we broke down and bought them some kitten chow. They weren’t crazy about the table scraps I kept trying to give them. So I guess that means they’re ours – but they’re outside cats.

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