Crazy times.

So it was another typical holiday weekend in our house. That is, we were basically only here when we were sleeping.
Friday night we went to the annual office Christmas party. Instead of having it at the boss’s house as we normally do, we had it at the art museum. So instead of listening to a bunch of people I don’t really know talk about stuff I don’t really care about, I got to go around and look at all the neat exhibits. That was super fun.
Saturday I took the kids to Mom’s to bake cookies and run a few errands. We got a few dozen baked while the kids played. Then we went shopping and I found a cute little 4 ft pre-lit Christmas tree (sorry Dad, it’s fake), which of course the kids are fascinated with. But hey it fits in my living room, and makes me feel very festive. So there.
Sunday after church my mom took the girls for some special “girl time”. We took Alex out to lunch and to the library to kill some time. Then we went back to church for a Christmas party. Which, silly me volunteered to help with. Like one round of kindergarten wasn’t fun enough, I had to go and volunteer for a second round (did I mention there are 3 sets of twins in my group? And No, being the mother of twins doesn’t make it easier to tell other sets of twins apart) Ask me how fun it was to decorate cookies with 15 kindergarteners and the world’s most obnoxious frosting. Hopefully I’ll be smart enough not to volunteer again next year. But don’t count on it.

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