Catching up

So we made it through Christmas. The kids got way too many toys, but that’s ok. They seem happy with what they got. There was only a little bickering over presents (which is a huge improvement over last year when Annie screamed and cried all morning long) I got an ipod with a docking center, which I love already. (Jory is jealous) Everyone seemed to like what we made for him or her. Overall it was a good day.
I’m a little sad that it’s over. No more Christmas music on the radio. Soon all the decorations will be put away, and it’ll just be cold and yucky winter. Yippee. There’s always next year right?
So last night my friend Karen from high school was passing through on her way home from visiting her parents. She calls me and says “the bus is getting off the interstate now! Come see me!” Without putting any thought into the matter, Jory and I threw the kids in the car (no coats or shoes – eek!) and drove over to where we thought the bus would be, Then we drove a little more. But we found her. We had a totally cool little get together in the mini van in the parking lot of Steak and Shake. Nice. Wish it had been longer than 25 minutes. But I’ll take it.

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