Purge fest

My mom and I accomplished an amazing task. We sorted and reorganized my children’s collection of crapola. It took us all day, but we managed to purge all the broken toys/books, toddler toys, and general crapola that my children play with. The amount of junk in the kids’ rooms has been decreased by about 50%. Approximately 3 large garbage bags to good will, 1 in the trash, and 2 full boxes into storage. So instead of overflowing out into the room, Alex’s closet actually has room for him and the girls to play inside.
Then after all that went out, we redistributed the toy collections. Kitchen and baby toys went to the girls’ room. Cars and trains went in Alex’s room – which now has the floor space for him to spread out the train tracks because the kitchen stuff is gone.
Bonus: the kids are all excited about their new room arrangements, and are having a ball. Which means they aren’t bugging me. Nice.

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