Kid funny and other news

Alex: Mom, I need a brother.
Me: what do you think I should name him?
A: Dumbo.

So we’re getting to the middle of January, and we have still not had a significant amount of snow this year. When I say significant, I mean more than half an inch at a time. I think our total snowfall for December was about an inch (last year it was 20 inches). The weatherman said last night that we could expect 1-2 inches overnight. I was so excited. Until I woke up. Another half an inch. Bummer.
I got to go to a scrapbooking party on Saturday. I got to catch up with some of my scrapping buddies, and work on my own stuff for a change. I’m determined to get caught up by April. I’ve been making pretty good progress lately, since I don’t have class stuff to work on. The bad news is that I sliced my finger open with a paper cutter. (Don’t ask)


Lora said...

so he wants a brother to torture and tease... typical boy. HA!!

Dad said...

Well, you had a brother I call Dumbo....
(Sorry Andrew. Just kidding.)

.:liza:. said...

I think Dumbo is a perfectly normal name! LOL! He's trying to even out the household. ;)


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