Yesterday was one of those days. I have to share. You can chuckle at my misfortune. So we were invited over to a friend’s house for the afternoon. Miss Patti, she’s the sweetest woman alive. We made our own pizzas, and decorated cupcakes, and tried not to destroy her house too much. The kids did pretty well, despite the fact that they had way too much sugar, no nap, and there was a limited number of things they could actually play with.
So here comes the unfortunate part. When it was time to leave, we decided to make an appearance at Jory’s office, to kill a little time so we could eat dinner in town. Oh my word. They pretty much wreaked havoc upon the entire office. My sweet, wonderful, generally well-behaved children were apparently done being good. They ran in 3 different directions, fought over the spare computer in Jory’s cubicle, pushed the buttons on the alarm system (eek!) and possibly broke the water fountain (double eek). One of Jory’s co-workers said of Alex: He’s talked more in the last half hour than Jory has since he started working here (which translates: your kid is a jabber-mouth) but sadly is very true. Oy.
Anyway, we decided to skip dinner and brought the kids home. Gave them all a stern lecture, and threw them in bed 45 minutes early. (That’ll show em!) Then we consoled our selves with pizza and bread sticks. But it wasn’t as good as Applebee’s. *sigh*
Ps. Just noticed – this is my 300th post. Yahoo.

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